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Erin Jackson

My name is Erin Jackson and this is Mrs. Pat Williams. She was my mentor for 3 years and really made a difference in my life. When I first joined the LFLC’s YMAP program, I wasn’t doing well in school. I didn’t really trust people and liked to stay to myself. There were people who

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Nia Parker

My name is Nia Parker. New I took the SAT in the spring of my junior year and didn’t get the score I needed to get into the college I had my heart set on. I took the LFLC’s SAT Boot Camp course during the spring and learned great test taking strategies, how to master

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Reanna Thomas

I want to thank my mentor for just being a good person and I want her to know that I appreciate everything she does for me. I learned that I should be nicer and not stingy to others from my mentor.

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My name is Ammiel. When I first joined the LFLC’s YMAP program, I was apprehensive. I had heard of people having mentors, but didn’t grasp what exactly a mentor was. I wasn’t sure of how exactly it would work out and the ins and outs of being a mentee/mentor, which led me to be skeptical.

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