Lawrence Foy

Executive Director

Larry W. Foy is a public theologian, social ethicist, and community activist.  His educational background, training, and life experience has contributed to his development as a scholar and passionate advocate for social justice.  He holds earned degrees in theology, ethics, and law. He has taught theology and ethics at both the college and seminary levels.  Dr. Foy’s educational background and passionate commitment to social justice, along with his extensive experience as a community leader, establishes him as uniquely qualified and fully worthy to lead the Center in carrying out its mission and work.

Dr. Foy believes that it is not enough to assert that “No child should be left behind” but that we must do everything within our power and with our resources to ensure that it becomes a living reality.   Likewise, he believes that by promoting and strengthening families, we produce safe, secure, sustainable, and peaceful communities.  To this end, Dr. Foy is committed to ensuring that the LFLC is in the forefront of addressing issues critical to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of children, youth, individuals, and families.

Dr.  Foy is an eternal optimist and realist.  He sees the world as full of possibilities and promise.  Consequently, he believes that community and faith-based organizations should, tirelessly, work to improve the quality of life for underserved people.  Dr. Foy resides in the Crescent Heights community of Los Angeles, California.